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Insider Ownership

The table below displays the number of non-derivative securities directly held by officers, directors and 10% shareholders as reflected in their most recent Section 16 filings.

Name Relationship/Title Total Held
Albrecht W. Steve Director 149,019
El-Khoury Hassane Director, President & CEO 364,851
Geha Sam EVP, Memory Products 119,153
Gopalswamy Sudhir EVP, Microcontroller/Connect 159,713
Kwon Oh Chul Director 69,403
Lego Catherine P. Director 74,934
Martino Camillo Director 62,098
McCranie J. Daniel Director 87,149
Owens Jeffrey J. Director 31,172
Sargent Jeannine P. Director 21,962
Tondreau Pamela L. EVP, Chief Legal Officer & HR 224,726
Trent Thad EVP, Finance & CFO 255,617
Wishart Michael S. Director 90,276

* Represents ownership of less than 1% of total shares outstanding.

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