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Insider Ownership

Name Relationship / Title Current Shares Trading Activity
Albrecht, W. Steve Director 163,280 View
bingham h raymond Officer 105,005 View
El-khoury, Hassane Officer 342,074 View
kispert john h Director 1,149,316 View
Kothandaraman, Badrinarayanan Officer 126,294 View
kwon oc Director 47,665 View
mao robert yu lang Director 36,842 View
Nazarian, Dana Officer 550,303 View
rauschmayer joseph Officer 113,191 View
Rodgers, T.J. Director 15,787,839 View
Seams, Chris Officer 740,712 View
Sherman, J.D. Director 119,158 View
Trent, Thad Officer 244,836 View
Van Den Hoek, wilbert Director 88,702 View
wishart michael s Director 73,797 View

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